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@willgrantvision we think #visioniscool.
Join us in showing the world just how cool it is…

Commit to give vision sustainably. Help us truly build a foundation of learning, opportunity and independence by partnering with us. Recurring donations, commercial support, recycle program patronage and volunteering are several keys to sustainability. We are in this for the long haul and we need you by our side. As a partner, you will get special perks.

– give us Your Old Glasses –

Send us your old glasses and we will refurbish & redistribute them to someone in need, locally.
(if condition is suitable for recycle.)

– We can only give our time, energy and expertise –

To give real access and opportunity, we rely on you for support. For every $33 donated, Will Grant Vision is able to provide an eye exam and glasses to a person in need in local communities. Being a 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.


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Book us for a visionary event
Donate at least $1000 annually
Corporate sponsorship

Glasses Recycling Patronage

It’s easy

Get a box of most any size
(We know you have an Amazon box laying around)
*recommend A1 and up*

Request decals (We send you decals for the box)

Repurpose the box into a glasses recycling receptacle

Fill the box up with glasses and ship it to us

Commit to at least one box per year

Recurring Donation

Subscription based giving with monthly donation

Subscription Based Eye Care

Let us take care of your eyes

Annual exam & yearly glasses


We will contact you to discuss the many ways you can help

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