Our Name is Our Mission


I finally completed medical school and all the training needed to be a fully independent medical doctor and eye surgeon.  Along with my degree came a pile of debt from student loans. Like many eager medical students, I went into medicine to truly help people.  I can say, after spending 15 years observing and working with doctors and hospitals, and now being faced with monthly loan payments that could pay for a nice house, I realize how and when well-intentioned people change.  The reality is, our need for money often eclipses the sense of purpose that we may have started with.  I have seen firsthand some ugly side- effects of the pursuit of more profit in healthcare.  

So I’m starting off by making sure I root myself in working for purpose, not profit.   To start, I formed a for-purpose (non-profit) organization and spent all my savings on a bus that we converted into a mobile eye clinic.  I took a job to help pay for all the things needed to safely and effectively deliver eye care to people who cannot afford it.  I believe vision is a right, not a privilege.  Sadly, some groups of people have notoriously poor access to the care they need and many lose vision and so much more because of it.  So Will Grant Vision was founded to prioritize underserved families and children and give unprecedented levels of access to vision care and health education.  By giving vision, I hope to contribute to the happiness, well-being and future of society.  

My passion is helping people achieve their best by preserving their abilities, quality of life and independence.  I am a pediatric eye surgeon by training, but I feel it is most important to cover the basics:  making sure kids can see to learn, that their parents can see well enough to work, and that their grandparents can maintain independence and enjoy their grandchildren with clarity.  I plan to give my phone number out to anyone that needs help seeing better but can’t afford to pay for it.  To start, I’m going to be available,  on my bus, delivering eyecare and glasses to those most in need in LA.

I need all the help I can get.  If you are interested, there is so much you can do.   You don’t need any experience, any training or any money.  We just need you.   Help us make a difference and pledge: